We presents its wellness area, in its known excellence... a real awakening to the senses...

Old wood with a rough but mild texture at the same time for the walls, in a warm dark color, sparkling walls with thousand of sequins, as many stars as you’ll find in the fragrant mists of the hamam "cave" with its deep red benches. Beside it, the sauna, traditional at first glance but with a detail that leaves its signature: a (smoked glass) window, which makes for a naturally lit and cozy space, overlooking the pool. After the humid or dry heat, over to the ice, that’s at your disposal in a fountain with its origin in the cave of the 4 season shower where you can experience the rhythm of the four seasons, according to your desires, surrounded by different colored lights, scents, water jets, temperatures – thrills guaranteed. On the sun terrace on the top floor, surrounded by fig trees, palm trees, oleander, lemon trees, kumquat and Yukas, you will discover the high-light of your wellness tour, the ultimate relaxation, a bubble bath with a breathtaking view over the campsite and the Old Vallon.

Always dressed in old wood, soft and rough as the Ardèche, our treatment room, where you can choose a treatment and or massage in all serenity or unwind with a massage with differents scents to relax completely.

The Hamam

With its soft and wet heat, the hamam produces a feeling of well-being and thorough detoxification of the body. It has regenerative and antiseptic properties; it helps in muscle recovery and relieves aches.

Our hamam is a cave shaped hamam with a star ceiling and flicker effect, a diffusion of essential oils from natural plants (aromatherapy) and a beautiful mosaic bench made of glass paste. This hamam will offer you great feelings of relaxation and well-being.

The Sauna

The sauna stimulates blood circulation, relieves joint and muscle pain, and offers physical relaxation.

Through sweating, the skin is cleansed of any toxins. The body is lighter, cleaner, and it is the ideal treatment after sports.

Our sauna is a traditional sauna in Nordic spruce with an automated distribution of essential oils and a water sprinkler on the stones of the stove to increase humidity in the sauna. The stove is not accessible to users to prevent any risk of burning.

The Jacuzzi

The jacuzzi helps relieve nervous tension, to fight against stress and to feel lighter. It has relaxing properties that affect sleep quality and provide a general appeasement.

The jacuzzi helps to detoxify the body, the loss of dead skin cells and the facilitation of digestion. Finally it can add a tonic effect to the skin and stimulate blood flow.

Our Jaccuzzi has an overflow spa with WATER / AIR massage (8 adjustable jets) and AIR massage (12 injectors), colour therapy.

Ice Fountain

The ice fountain aims to provide maximum thermal contrast in the thermal baths cycles. These cold baths are highly recommended for the general stimulation of the organism, including the vaso- constriction which provides flexibility to the circulation system. It also provides muscle and nerve relaxation.

The shower experience

Overall the shower experience promotes nerve and muscle relaxation, stimulation of the circulation system, mitigation and reduces joint pain and the effects of stress.

We have a 4 shower seasons with a set of different jet types like mist and tropical rain... lighting effects and aromatherapy.

Pictures of wellness in Ardèche